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This event occurred on
February 27, 2014
12:00am - 12:00am EET
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In a supremely fast changing world where innovations chase one another, we do not live a day which fails to surprise us. As being part of this incredible speed, we are surprised, excited and inspired at every moment by the breakthroughs taking place in technology, art and science. We are longer living in a world where “Sky is the Limit”, and time is the time to go beyond it and discover what is behind the blue. We as TEDxSabanciUniversity team are curious to explore what this unstoppable wind of change has to offer, therefore raising this question: “What is Next?”. You are invited to TEDxSabanciUniversity to find out answers.

Sabanci Performance Hall
Orhanli 34956 Tuzla Sabanci University
İstanbul, 34956
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University (What is this?)
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Şirin Bayülgen

Şirin Ediger Bayülgen was born in 1979. She graduated from Lycee de Tevfik Fikret in 1998. She got her Bachelors degree from The University of Ankara, majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. She did her Master’s Degree at Emerson College, MA majoring in Global Marketing Communications and Advertising. She started off her career by working for Kelly Habib John, an independent advertising agency located in Boston, MA. She afterwards joined Markam/Güven Borça as a brand management consultant and served many local and global brands. She developed marketing communications strategies and supervised advertising and public relations agencies for their executions. She then worked at Movida Plus Map and at Alameti Farika as a senior account planner for 5 years. During this time period, she served many major brands including Ulker, Digitürk, Evyap, Fortis Bank and so forth. She founded Fakülte Istanbul in 2010 and is still executing the ad agency. Fakülte Istanbul is a full service-advertising agency that has created and executed campaigns for leading brands including Turkish Airlines, Markafoni, University of Piri Reis, Converse, Columbia, Doğuş Holding and so forth. The agency has several award winning projects specifically tailored for online media. Şirin Ediger Bayülgen is married to Okan Bayülgen and they have a daughter, Istanbul Bayülgen, and a dog named Mougou.

Çiğdem Aydın

F. Cigdem Aydin was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from the Psychology Department at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey and completed her Master's Degree from Ankara University in the Department of Women's Studies. She worked as a freelance translator at TRT, as well as for various government agencies and international organizations. She has been an active member of the Women’s Movement in Turkey for 20 years and has been involved in numerous activities. She also worked as a project manager and consultant at the Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV), Istanbul, Women's Studies Centre (IKAM) and at the Education Reform Initiative (ERG). Furthermore, as a voluntary member of the Association for Supporting Women Candidates (KA.DER), she wrote many training materials and worked as a trainer, editor, and a project consultant. Currently, as the KA.DER General Chairwoman, she works in the fields of women and politics, women's education and gender. Professionally, she works in İstanbul Municipality Theater as a consultant for children’s plays, and a trainer in Child Education Unit of the theatre.

Erdem Taylan

Erdem Taylan has always had a love for art and creating things, and when he completed his first animated short as a youngster, he knew his career path was written. Also fascinated by three-dimensional graphics and technical applications, Erdem went on to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey, realizing that solving technical challenges as an effects artist could fuse all of his passions together. In 1997, Erdem joined Pacific Data Images (PDI) to work on Dreamworks’ highly acclaimed 3D Animated movie “Antz”. He mainly worked on the flood sequence, which was an industry first application of water simulation technology and many called the work a technological breakthrough. He then went on to work Dreamworks’ Academy Award winning film “Shrek”. In 2001, Erdem joined Pixar Animation Studios and began working as a shading and effects senior technical director on Academy Award winning “Finding Nemo”. Following “Finding Nemo”, Erdem started his work on Pixar’s Academy Award winning film of “The Incredibles” as the principal designer for studio's effects. He then transitioned to the studio’s most recent release, “Cars” as a lead visual effects developer and as a senior technical director. After completing his work on “Cars”, he served as effects supervisor on Pixar's short film, “Mater and the Ghostlight”. In 2007, Erdem was nominated for an Annie Award for “Individual Achievement for Animated Effects” for his work on “Cars”. In 2007, he founded an innovative animation studio,The Bakery with offices in France and Turkey. After The Bakery, he worked as the Visual Effects Supervisor for the hit Turkish film “AROG”. He then went on to found a visualeffects studio, CAVE (, and a visual effects and animation school, CAMP ( he currently works as the director of CAVE's first feature length 3d animated movie project “Organikos”, in addition to giving arious classes at CAMP.

Kerem Güneş&Erbil Sivaslıoğlu

Kerem Güneş: When asked to write a 200 word biography for this Tedx event, Kerem Güneş thought it would be easy. After all, that is what a writer generally does: Write about himself in the third person. But it turns out summing your life up isn't so easy. The most boring parts come to mind. Kerem is sure he doesn't want to talk about his never-ending undergraduate education, or where he was born. But he DOES want to talk about his love for books. Kerem first started reading when he was 7 years old (a horror book series called Goosebumps) and hasn't stopped since. His love of reading eventually made him want to become a writer; he started out by writing for Zero İstanbul and Size Magazine; and he is currently working on his first novel, which he hopes will be published while he is still alive. He is also the publisher and head writer of his fanzine Kira Parası, and co-founder of Bookserf. And he sincerely hopes that the next biography written about him will be written by his assistant! Erbil Sivaslıoğlu: Erbil Sivaslioglu is an engineer, designer and an entrepreneur. Working with artists, engineers, authors and businesses collaboratively to empower humane experiences weather digital, conceptual or physical. After production line optimisation project at Fiat, and one year mobile marketing experience at Turkcell, Erbil realised how hard it is to make even small changes at big corporations. Having limited space for failure was killing his creativity. So he decided to move to London to study graphic design at Shillington College where he get chance to work with web entrepreneurs, authors and small businesses. Working as an art director, freelance designer while working on side projects varied from mobile apps to screen printing to bike design. Making handmade pinhole cameras and development kits for self-founded PinholeStore for last two years. Co-founder and designer of various platforms; Streetart-Istanbul and infamous BookSerf. Currently working on his upcoming startups on; ride-sharing platform YanKoltuklar and citizen journalism app WePress.

Necdet Aydoğan

Born in 1960, married and father to an 18 year old girl, Necdet Aydogan went to the United States after graduating TED Ankara Koleji in 1978. Here, he received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Masters in Industrial Engineering. During his time in the US, he has worked in a construction company in New York, several NGOs across the states, the Turkish School as a teacher, the Turkish radio as a commentator and producer and has carried the title of Vice President in the Assembly of Turkish American Associations. In the course of his 30 years in business he has been in senior executive positions in a variety of environments such as a family-run business, Pepsi-Cola and Beiersdorf, and NGOs. Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (Community Volunteers Foundation), TOHUM Autism Foundation, Friends of Anatolia, Bilim Kahramanları Derneği (Heroes of Science Foundation) are among NGOs who have benefited to have Aydogan as founder, Vice President, General Manager etc. At age 44 in attempt to address one of the most severe environmental issues that is water pollution, he founded PlanetTEK (PlanetTEK “Tek Gezegen” Çevre ve Arıtma) in 2004. With a German patented, 100% Turkish production and his own brand, Aydogan now uses environmentally friendly BioDisc technology for wastewater treatment.

Türker Kılıç

Professor Türker Kılıç is a neurosurgeon and the Founding Dean of the BAU Medical School in Istanbul. He did a neurooncology fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University, and contributed to the first FDA approved smart drug for cancer. Dr. Kılıç received research awards from the European Association for Neurosurgery, American Association of Neurosurgery, Turkish Brain Research Association, Turkish Neurosurgical Society, and most importantly, one from his students for encouraging research. He established the first tumor bank in Turkey, and has noteworthy scientific publications, one of which was published in 2000 in the Cancer Research journal, among the most cited articles in the world among neurosurgery publications. Another is among the most cited 100 articles from Turkey in any scientific field. He is a referee for Acta Neurochirurgica and the Journal of Neurooncology; and performs 600 surgeries, treats over 1,000 patients using Gamma-Knife Therapy and consults for 3,000 patients annually. Professor Kılıç enjoys spending time out at sea, and thinking about consciousness, the brain, and the mind, aiming to be among connectome surgery pioneers.

Üstün Ezer

He's a man who has shown us the true meaning of the proverb "IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY" in this country where creating something from scratch and keeping it growing steadily is so difficult. After finishing his primary and high school education in Ankara, he started Ankara University Medical School in 1974.Through his admiration towards his teachers who shaped him, he decided to become one of them, a pediatrician, to treat children and to emphasize the value of their lives. In 1986,he began serving as an assistant at Ankara Gazi University Medical School, Department of Pediatrics and became the chief assistant there later on. Due to his interest in children's blood diseases and scientific works in this area, he started his second specialization in Pediatric Hematology. He established the Department of Hematology in Ankara SSK Pediatric Hospital, and started the treatment of leukemia here for the first time. He became a pediatric hematologist in 1994 and served in this hospital for 10 years. In 1998,he founded LÖSEV together with idealist colleagues and became the first president of the foundation. He succeeded in increasing the recovery rate of children with leukemia from around 20% to over 90%, by his scientific works and the financial, social and psychological support he has provided through his foundation. In 1998, with 30-35 sick children and their families, with almost no funds, he founded the LÖSEV hospital LÖSANTE, LÖSEV nurseries and primary schools, the LÖSEV village, handcraft courses for parents and cancer research centers. Dr.Ezer believes that he owes his success both to his parents and to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk whose ideas he has followed all his life. Dr. Ezer has devoted his life to LÖSEV and to children with leukemia.

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