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Theme: Ideate . Recreate

This event occurred on
June 6, 2015
9:30am - 5:30pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

TEDxHindustanUniversity has successfully completed the second edition of TEDx on Saturday, 6th June, 2015.

The event witnessed an elite group of 14 speakers sharing their thoughts on different areas that have impacted the society.

1 Mr. Achuthanand Ravi Design Capturing for life
2 Mr. Vinod Muthukrishnan Technology Risk
3 Mr. Balasubramanian Design Artistic Journey
4 Mr. Satkrit Narayan Design Culture & Fashion - The Entire Spectrum
5 Mr. Ajai Titus Alexander Entertainment At Times Your Dream Job Chooses You
6 Mr. Krish Srikanth Technology NLP Modeling - Science and Art Of Downloading Genius
7 Ms. Nadia Fransisco Entertainment Architecture and Silent Music - A Cup Of Tea
8 TEAM VINAI Technology Design of Fuel Efficient Project
9 Ms. Anupama Nair Entertainment Living Lives & Writing
10 Dr. Santhosh Babu Technology e-Governance & Transformation
11 Ms. Archana Raghuram Design The Art of Volunteering
12 Mr. Varun Sridharan Technology Journey To A Greener Future
13 Staccato Entertainment Passion - A Driving Force In Life
14 Ms. Kokila Hariram Entertainment Dance In The Form Of Education

100 attendees had participated in the event. The schedule ran into four sessions with session - I consisting of one TED video and three speakers taiks, session - II & III consisting of four speakers talks each session. and final session consisting of 3 speakers. Timming of the event was from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM IST (Indian Standard Time).

Session-wise Schedule is as given below :

Session - I :
09:30 AM -to- 09:33 AM | Welcome Address & Introduction About TED 09:33 AM -to- 09:40 AM | TED Introduction Video (About TED) 09:40 AM -to- 09:42 AM | Speaker - I Intro 09:42 AM -to- 10:00 AM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - I (Ms. Archana Raghuram) 10:00 AM -to- 10:02 AM | Thanking Speaker - I & Speaker - II Intro 10:02 AM -to- 10:20 AM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - II (Mr. Satkrit Narayan) 10:20 AM -to- 10:22 AM | Thanking Speaker - II & TED Talk Video Intro 10:22 AM -to- 10:28 AM | TED Talk Video - I 10:28 AM -to- 10:30 AM | Speaker - III Intro 10:30 AM -to- 10:48 AM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - III (Mr. Achuthanand Ravi) 10:48 AM -to- 10:50 AM | Thanking Speaker - III & First Break

Session - II
11:10 AM -to- 11:12 AM | Speaker - IV Intro 11:12 AM -to- 11:30 AM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - IV (Mr. Krish Srikanth) 11:30 AM -to- 11:32 AM | Thanking Speaker - IV & Speaker - V Intro 11:32 AM -to- 11:50 AM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - V (Ms. Kokila Hariram) 11:50 AM -to- 11:52 AM | Thanking Speaker - V & TED Talk Intro 11:52 AM -to- 11:58 AM | TED Talk Video - II 11:58 PM -to- 12:00 PM | Speaker - VI Intro 12:00 PM -to- 12:18 PM | TEDx Speaker - VI (Team VINAI) 12:18 PM -to- 12:20 PM | Thanking Speaker - VI & Speaker - VII Intro 12:20 PM -to- 12:38 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - VII (Dr Santhosh Babu ) 12:38 PM -to- 12:40 PM | Thanking Speaker - VII & Second Break

Session - III
2:00 PM -to- 2:02 PM | Speaker - VIII Intro 2:02 PM -to- 2:20 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - VIII (Mr. RJ Ajai) 2:20 PM -to- 2:22 PM | Thanking Speaker - VIII & Speaker - IX Intro 2:22 PM -to- 2:40 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - IX (Ms. Nadia Fransisco) 2:40 PM -to- 2:42 PM | Thanking Speaker - IX & TED Talk Video Intro 2:42 PM -to- 2:48 PM | TED Talk Video – III 2:48 PM -to- 2:50 PM | Speaker - X Intro 2:50 PM -to- 3:08 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - X(Mr. Vinod Muthukrishnan ) 3:08 PM -to- 3:10 PM | Thanking Speaker - X & Speaker - XI Intro 3:10 PM -to- 3:28 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - XI (Mr. Balasubramanian) 3:28 PM -to- 3:30 PM | Thanking Speaker - XI & Third Break

Session - IV
3:50 PM -to- 3:52 PM | Speaker XII Intro 3:52 PM -to- 4:10 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - XII (Ms. Anupama Nair) 4:10 PM -to- 4:12 PM | Thanking Speaker - XII & Speaker -XIII Intro 4:12 PM -to- 4:30 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - XIII (Mr. Varun Sridharan) 4:30 PM -to- 4:32 PM | Thanking Speaker - XIII & Speaker XIV Intro 4:32 PM -to- 4:50 PM | TEDx Talk by Speaker - XIV (Staccato) 4:50 PM -to- 4:52 PM | Thanking Speaker - XIV 4:52 PM -to- 5:00 PM | VOTE OF THANKS

TEDTalk Videos Played

TEDGlobal 2014 (Louie Schwartzberg: Hidden miracles of the natural world)
TEDGlobal 2015 (Greg Gage:How to control someone else's arm with your brain)
TEDGlobal 2012 (Manu Prakash on A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami)

Hindustan University
Hindustan University
OMR Road, Padur
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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Staccato – a contemporary classic! This Chennai based band was born in 2007 and is the brainchild of Shruthi Sagar, Bala and Vikram. Staccato is an experimental band that draws from various influences such as Carnatic music, Jazz and Blues, Arabian influences, Bach et al. This diversity in pursuit is the result of varied backgrounds. Having represented India at the World Freestyle Percussion Event by Red Bull held at Rio de Janerio in 2011, these guys continued to add feathers to their hats. They were one of the two bands from Asia, selected to perform live music for Sivagamiyin Sabatham which had its premier in Muscat in 2014. Here they present their fusion.


Team VINAI are the finalist in the Airbus Fly Your Ideas, which brings out innovative ideas.The team with Ajith Kumar, Ashvin Balaji K M, Madhan Raj J H, Mohan Raj R P, Vinod S,the only team from India to do so in the four editions of the competition. The Idea implements the use of a Thermo electric module which on having a temperature difference across it results in the production of electricity. In our Idea it uses the heat out of the jet exhaust to facilitate the temperature difference in order to produce the required power. With the help of these modules, enough electricity is produced to power the aircraft systems. They are speaking on "Design of fuel efficient project"

Dr. Santhosh Babu

Dr. SANTHOSH BABU, I.A.S. is Civil Servant belonging to the 1995 batch of Indian Administrative Service, Tamil Nadu Cadre, Currently CMD,Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation. He was awarded the Best Collector Award of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu for Child Labour eradication, 2007-08 (Web based tracking and monitoring system for all Out of School Children Was the recipient of the Dataquest E-Governance Champion Award, South India. He speaks on "e-Governance and Transformation".

Mr. Balasubramanian

Balasubramanian is one of the most admired members in animation and gaming industry. He has worked on variety of 2D+3D animated TV shows including BAFTA award winning series PABLO THE LITTLE RED FOX, Walt Disney's HIGGLYTOWN HEROES and also won the BAF awards for the ad-films of 'All-Out Mosquito Repellent' and 'Veneta Cucine Kitchen'. Bala translated an idea from concept to screen and made a short animated film called THE BAD EGG which won the outstanding film award at DIGICON 6+2 Tokyo, Japan, and WORLD GOLD MEDAL at New York Festivals and directed the Art & Animation for the multiple award winning Indian TV series LITTLE KRISHNA which was nominated as best animated TV series for ANNECY FILM FESTIVAL-2010 France & NEW YORK FESTIVAL-2010. He has many awards to his name and developed a web series called WARLORD for acclaimed film director Shekhar Kapur. He speaks on his "Artistic Journey".

Mr. Achuthanand Ravi

Achuthanand Ravi is known for his hard hitting images as well as portraiture photography. He is a self-taught photographer and the founder of Madras in Motion, a photography group in Chennai with close to four thousand members. It has been up and running for three years.An international freelance photographer, Achuthanand Ravi has been inspired by photography since childhood. He has intensely searched the lengths and breaths of India for breaking news and documentary material.He has been awarded a grant from UNESCO and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation for the documentary on visually challenged people. This acclaimed photographer’s documentary on Mahakumbh and Life in Indian circus got featured in BBC. He continues to flood the international scene with his powerful images. He speaks on "Capturing for life".

Mr. Ajai Titus Alexander

Ajai Titus is a Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi Chennai . He hosts the Breakfast show and wakes up the city every morning with his unique one of a kind show. He broke every rule in the book on how a Radio Jockey should speak on air and created not only a style for himself but for many others who followed after him. His Love for Music is what drew him out of Hospitality industry and pushed him into the entertainment world. He is also an actor and his debut movie is awaiting release. Over the years he has interviewed most of the actor in the Tamil Film industry and many personalities from Sports and politics. For more than a decade now people of Chennai have been listening to him. He speaks on "At times your dream job chooses you"

Mr. Krish Srikanth

Krish Srikanth is a coach, consultant and trainer. As an accomplished NLP Modeler, he has learnt the ability to study geniuses & transfer those extra-ordinary skills to others in a short span of time. Having a deep passion to learn and make a difference to people’s lives by teaching, he continuously educates & trains himself all over the world and has gathered expertise in personal & spiritual development, healing, NLP, accelerated learning technologies and areas of management - communication, people skills, sales, marketing, finance, systems & empowerment. Krish has a co-authored a book, TI-90 which outlines a methodology of teaching typing to a novice in one hour’s time. During the turn of the last century Krish worked as a crime-fighter in the fields of anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection. He Speaks on "NLP Modeling - Science and Art of downloading genius".

Mr. Satkrit Narayan

He is the Creative Director - Finesse Fashion Studio / The Dress shop / Thedressshop.in / “Satkrit K” (December ‘08- Current) Manager for International Marketing and sales (June’08-November’08) Agenzia Liviagreg (Milano) / Assistant Brand manager at, in the woman’s wear division, in the high fashion line ‘Calvin Klein Collections’. (August’07-June08) at CMI Calvin Klein Inc (Milano), Europe. -Handled Costumes and styling for all prime time reality shows of Sun Networks (all 4 south -indian languages) from 2012-2014 -Handled Costumes and styling for major stage shows (AR.Rahman Concert - NAFS, Sun Kudumban Viruthugal Awards, Raj Cine Awards etc) -Handled Costumes and styling for over a dozen South Indian feature films (Tamil and Telugu Best students pannel for a group interaction with Giorgio Armani (2006 Milano) Chennai. He speaks on "Culture & Fashion - The Entire Spectrum".

Mr. Varun Sridharan

Varun is the Founder of Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd, a start up environmental engineering company based in Chennai. He is a civil engineer specialized in water, environment & sustainability with work experience in business development & consulting of various water & environmental projects in India, Middle East & Africa. He holds expertise in wastewater process design & treatment technologies, waste to energy technologies, sustainable construction, green building concepts, energy & water audits, design & integration of renewable energy systems. A proactive leader and a resourceful communicator, his strengths include ability to nurture good relationships and influencing people by providing quick and clear cut solutions. He believes -'What you learn is what you get from experience and to gain experience, you don't need to reinvent the wheel', find your MENTOR & be a SMART listener. He speaks on "Journey to a greener future".

Mr. Vinod Muthukrishnan

Vinod Muthukrishnan spent his formative years working with Maersk Line and V-Ships on cargo ships as a certified First Officer. He then joined a Financial Technology Start up ‘Market Simplified’ based in Chennai / Schaumburg with global clients like Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Maybank and The National Stock Exchange of India. Vinod had joined Cloudcherry as the founding CEO and Cloudcherry has transformed into one of the hottest, award-winning and fastest growing Start Ups in the Chennai City (Capital of Tamil Nadu state in India). He speaks on "Risk" and co-relates with challenges in life, decision making and growth.

Ms. Anupama Nair

Anupama Nair – An engineering student with a passion for writing and music. Anupama had her first book published in the year 2014. Six months of observing and understanding people and a month long period of writing lead the book , ‘Married To The perfect Man’. The book was aimed at reaching out to people who have lost their belief in happy endings. A series of mishaps and heartbreaks laid the path to the writing the book. Anupama wants to share how the things and people around her influenced her ideas and thoughts and ultimately helped her publish her very first book. (The first of many, hopefully) She believes that they key to being the best version of you lies in understanding yourself better. She hopes to come out with her very own mystery series with strong female characters and subtle philosophies hidden in the text. She aspires to be a singer, songwriter, author and engineer all at once (if at all that is possible). She speaks on "Living Lives and Writing".

Ms. Archana Raghuram

Archana Raghuram is the Global Head of Outreach, Cognizant’s employee-led social initiatives program. A Cognizant veteran with over 19 years of experience, Archana moved from project management to set up Outreach during its inception in 2007 and has been instrumental in taking its growth to 50,000 active volunteers. Under her leadership and guidance, these volunteers have made an impact to the lives of over 400,000 underprivileged children and clocked more than 900,000 volunteering hours. Archana’s other interests include the effective use of social media. She is a regular speaker at social media forums on the effective use of social media and has demonstrated the same in her use of social media to motivate and grow the Outreach volunteering community. A collection of stories from her blog was published as a book called “Legends of Cognizant”. She speaks on " The art of volunteering".

Ms. Kokila Hariram

Ms. Kokila Hariram is a renowned Dancer & Choreographer. The Academy of Modern Danse (AMD), started by Kokila and her husband Gautam, is the Chennai's (capital of Tamil Nadu state in India) first formal Western dance school. Perhaps a career in dance was inevitable, given the fact that her mother was a Bharatnatyam dancer, and her father had a flair for flamenco. She is certified by Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, Australia. AMD offers multiple dance styles, from contemporary to salsa. She speaks on "Dance in the form of education".

Ms. Nadia Francisco

Nadia Francisco is an aspiring architect, writer and performing artist who believes that a little positivity can go a long way. Her practical concept of ‘Dancing with Silence’ has been her quest to inspire people by creating a balance between rhythm, light and space; concepts that have the capability to change how we perceive and build our world today. In addition to receiving a prestigious university scholarship, she has been an active participant in various events that include architectural competitions such as Transparence 2014 and NASA 2011 and dancing events such as Campus Jive NXG and the Epic show. Her life is a great inspiration to many. Inspite of challenges with hearing and speaking since childhood, she has overcome the speaking through lipreading. But hearing challenge remains. Even then she has a unique personal skill that now even she can explain / identify the sound when a pin is dropped. She speaks on "Architecture and Silent Music - A cup of tea".

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