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This event occurred on
September 20, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am CST
(UTC +8hrs)

Named after the most renowned site of Shanghai – The Bund, we broaden our outlook for the future with respect of its glorious past and seek cross-boundary cooperation and innovations. We care for this city and its history. We build a platform for recorders of city history and changes, activists who give it all for this city, and critics who relentlessly search for a better option for this city, and listen to their ideas about future city. We gather concerned citizens in this city who are explorative, willing to share, dare to try out different possibilities, and also eager for self-improvement, care for the society and novel things. We hope to push forward positive action plan together towards ideal future city step by step.

EF Office Building 1F
No. 258 Tongren Road
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TEDxCity2.0 (What is this?)
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Hong Wang

Mr. Wang Hong, programmer that witnessed and contributed to a decade of ever-changing trend in the field of internet community. Indelible interest in anything that is fun and technology related. Ever since he was little, dismantling and reassembling toys, mechanical and electronic products were his biggest hobby. Now his enthusiasm is in the application of open source hardware in home furnishing. He dreams of building his own intelligent house.

Xin He

He Xin, PhD of ecology in College of Life Sciences, East China Normal University. He studies animal ecology and conservation biology, and engages in long-term wild animal tracking and investigation in the field, focusing on the endangered mammal Chinese Water Deer. Walking in the wildness, watching bird, taking photograph and studying paleontology take up most of his spare time. He is a senior member of Wild Bird Society of Shanghai and columnist for popular science magazine The Science for Juvenile.

Yaohui Jin

Dr. Jin Yaohui, professor and doctoral adviser of School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), deputy director of SJTU Network Information Center. Self-mocked as the omnipotent network manager, he took charge in several pioneer national science and technology projects. He contributed a great deal in areas such as big data and cloud computing in recent years. With a strong sense of social responsibility, he hoped to combine his big data knowledge with environmental technology to start a revolution of involving public into the supervision of our environment.

Quan Zhang

Zhang Quan, deputy-Chief Editor of Life Magazine in China, Master’s Degree from Fudan University. He was three times winner (2008, 2010 and 2013) of Awards for Editorial Excellence by SOPA (The Society of Publishers in Asia). Focusing on the history and reality of cities for several years, he published The Dying Cities-The Life of Sixteen Cities from Late Qing Dynstay to Republic of China, drawing our attention to the beauty of lost architecture.

Lijuan Zhang

Zhang Lijuan, (Juan Zi), founder of Green Tomato. Concern for social innovation, she devoted to promoting reading industry via internet technology application. By combining library with internet, she created a new social enterprise model and established the largest Chinese on-line real book library in the world, promoting national reading in a creative way.

Xiaoxia Cao

Shanghai City Symphony Orchestra, founded and directed by famous conductor Maetro Cao Peng, gathers together a group of music-loving amateurs. With their diligence and persistence, they opened up a window to exquisite art music for general public. Committed to charity and public welfare, they organized “Angel’s Companion” Salon, dedicated to color the world for children with autism. Ms. Cao Xiaoxia, daughter of Mr. Cao Peng, tells us the story about city, music and love.

Sophia Lin

Curator, Art Worker, Cross-disciplinary collaboration advocate, Make+ art & technology program ( founder and director, and co-founder and exhibition curator of Basement 6 experimental art space ( Make+ encourages citizen to make ideas happen for a change.

Yijing Lin

Lin Yijing studies and spread the message of beauty. Born in Taiwan, highly influenced by Japanese culture, she has a unique insight of diversified aestheticism. Any domain relevant to beauty in life is familiar to her. She believes beauty is close bound up with our heart. All the feelings come from the daily life what we see and what we experience. Beauty is not so much external as beauty in food, clothes, housing and entertainment, but involves in the relationship between people and objects. Let us revaluate the beauty together.

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Shanghai, China