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Theme: Breath of Future

This event occurred on
December 14, 2013
11:00am - 5:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)
Lviv, L'vivs'ka Oblast'

Our speakers are professionals from various spheres, who will tell what waits us in the near future, how to get involved in creating "something new" and predict the development of its industry / science / hobby. We believe that a young person will be interested to hear about the profession she gets, especially about its future. Not being able to cover all areas, we chose speakers who will talk about the most interesting and the most common themes: literature, IT, sports, new technology, family life values​​.

Ivan Franko National University of L'viv
вул. Університетська 1
Lviv, L'vivs'ka Oblast', 79000
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University (What is this?)
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Daria Karelina

A person who dreams of a society of happy, energetic and healthy. Personal trainer, a nutritionist, a fitness blogger and journalist. Carries a positive and healthy knowledge.

Vyacheslav and Oksana Dyak

The young couple of programmers, they are parents of three-year daughter. Their common hobby is hiking / bike / car / plane trips. The have 5 bicycles for 3 family members. Oksana admires handmade and creative development of children, she is one of the activists of creative nursery school. Vyacheslav is interested in different techniques, photos and video. The greatest achievement of the family: "We have created a decent piece of this society and now we are trying to increase and improve this piece ." Dream: "Great family go on a bike"

Vitalij Zasadnyy

Game developer, founder of Google Developers Group Lviv. Believe that we live in one of the most exciting periods of human development, and new technologies are just beginning to enter into our lives. Dream: "To the question "What is for breakfast?", based on the features of the local climate, season and the state of their health, to get an answer or advice from a smart home."

Ivan Pasichnyk

Engineer, hacker. Works on the first Ukrainian 3D-printer, also develops the theme of 3D-scanning. "The best motivator for continuous work is success one of your friends, who works at the next table. Believe me, it motivates a lot better than listening every newfangled lecture on how to do business." Dream: "To all stop complaining and start working, then comes the era of happy people."

Angelina Overchyk

Co-owner of the school NobullshitPR, co-founder of blog about inspiration InspirationBreakfast.com, was the owner of the PR-agency OPRstudio. Now she works on business development in international advertising and communications holding company. "I have no interests because any business i try to do the best, so it turns into a full-fledged project". Desire "To contribute to the transformation of the education system in Ukraine and help young people find the strength, inspiration and desire to move forward."

Varvara Perekrest

Master of Arts in Communication Design and Pedagogy , a freelance designer and illustrator . She was studying at the University of Kingston ( London) and the British Higher School of Design (Moscow), an accredited member of the Higher Education Academy UK (HEA). "I believe in perseverance , intelligence and continuous development. Modern art and design - is primarily thinking. I strive to create and develop a modern and effective creative education in Ukraine and I hope that I and my associates will succeed ." Dream: "Successful , strong , intelligent and happy country ."

Bogdan Tycholoz

Literary. Ph.D., associate professor of Lviv National Ivan Franko University, Deans Deputy of the Faculty of Journalism, co-organizer of "Publishers' Forum." "I believe that word is the most effective tool of communication and self-perception of the world and, dialogue is the only path for understanding, and the book is space ideas, space imagination and the area of freedom." Favorite things: reading, chatting with people (primarily with students and my own children) and travelling. Dream: "I do not have dreams, I have goals."

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Lviv, Ukraine


L'viv, Ukraine
  • Oleh Zasadnyy
    designer, developer
  • Solomia Paslavs'ka
    volunteer coordinator
  • Ilona Kashyk
    work with participants