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    Securing Our eCity

    This non-profit organization was the inspiration of Argentina Cibersegura (its Argentinian version). In 2010 I was part of a small team that traveled to San Diego, California, sponsored by ESET, to learn about this project and see if it would be possible to have something similar in our country. Since then, this project has been an inspiration for us.

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    David Schwimmer

    This was the first time I saw a case of grooming in a movie, and it's extremely well executed, without any Hollywood tricks. What happens to this family could happen to anybody in real life. It's a hard movie to watch; it's not only about how a young girl ended up in a grooming situation but also about what happens to her family, too. I remember I saw it on a plane, and it was kind of embarrassing to cry surrounded by more than 300 strangers. But I couldn't avoid it.