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How to talk honestly to kids about climate change — and still give them hope

Climate change is real, and it’s serious. But parents can point their children to solutions and show them we all have something to contribute, say climate scientists Katharine Hayhoe PhD and Rosimar Rios-Berrios PhD. Here's how.
Posted May 2021

Why parents should stop blaming themselves for how their kids turn out

Many people believe that if a child doesn't succeed, it's the parents' fault. But it turns out, the science supports a totally different and ultimately empowering message, says child development researcher Dr. Yuko Munakata.
Posted Jan 2021

Stop thinking of your kids’ gaming time as wasted time; here’s why

Gaming today is far more social, skillful and beneficial than the video games you grew up with, says coach Cara Lane. So instead of telling your kids to turn the &*%! thing off, ask: "Can I watch you game sometime?"
Posted Jul 2020
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