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Are you a micromanager? Or do you just work for one? 5 ways to tell

According to one poll, 59% of people reported they work for a micromanager. Ask yourself these 5 questions to find out if you're one of them, from organizational psychologist David Burkus PhD.
Posted Oct 2022

Why does it hurt so much when we get ghosted? A psychologist explains

The uncertainty of ghosting is not really what causes us pain. Instead, it hits us at an even greater point of human vulnerability: Our desire to belong and be loved. Behavioral scientist Michelle Drouin PhD tells us why.
Posted Aug 2022

This writer analyzed 100 graduation speeches — here are the 4 tips they all share

Writer Bruce Feiler is a pro at examining life stories and looking for patterns to help us live with more meaning, purpose and joy. Here's what he found when he applied his skills to commencement speeches.
Posted Jun 2022
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