Zineb Sqalli

Gender and climate researcher
BCG's Zineb Sqalli studies the impact of climate action on gender equality.

Why you should listen

Zineb Sqalli is a managing director and partner in the Boston Consulting Group, based in Casablanca. She has been advising private sector and public sector clients on their most pressing strategic issues, ranging from growth outlook to digital transformation, for more than a decade.

As a “pragmatic feminist,” Sqalli believes empowering women is not only ethically just, but economically practical. She supports clients -- governments, NGOs and corporations -- in generating value from a higher economic participation of women, believing it is one of the major untapped development levers for economies, societies and businesses. Sqalli has conducted projects to better understand the needs of women and how these needs can be reflected in public and corporate policies. In 2021, she co-authored a publication on the impact of climate action on gender equality.

Zineb Sqalli’s TED talk

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