Zachariah Mampilly is an expert on the politics of both violent and non-violent resistance.

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Zachariah Mampilly has lived, worked and studied in Africa, South Asia and North America. An expert on the politics of both violent and nonviolent resistance, he is the author of Rebel Rulers: Insurgent Governance and Civilian Life during War (2011), based on extensive fieldwork in rebel-controlled zones of Congo, Sri Lanka and South Sudan. His 2015 book, Africa Uprising: Popular Protest and Political Change (with Adam Branch), examines the ongoing Third Wave of African protest and provides an inside look at recent movements in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda and Sudan.

Mampilly writes widely on South Asian and African politics for a variety of publications, including Al Jazeera, The Hindu, The Washington Post, Foreign Affairs and N+1. He's a professor of political science and Africana studies at Vassar College in New York, and he spent 2012-2013 teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as a Fulbright Scholar.

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