In her documentary films, Yoruba Richen unites African-American, feminist and LGBTQ voices in a renewed cry for civil rights for all.

Why you should listen

With her documentary film The New Black, Yoruba Richen celebrates the successes of the struggle for LGBTQ rights, while seeking to find common ground in all corners of the African-American community on this complex and contentious issue.
Raised in Harlem, Richen developed an early fascination with the disconnect between the worlds of poverty and wealth, and an awareness of how voices outside of the mainstream are often marginalized -- or excised completely -- from the democratic discourse.

What others say

“["The New Black"] is a daring piece to say the least, exploring the often volatile relationship between the LGBTQ community and African Americans with ease, patience and eloquence.” —

Yoruba Richen’s TED talk

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