With his team, Yoav Medan is developing a tool for incision-less surgery via focused ultrasound.

Why you should listen

Yoav Medan is the Chief Systems Architect at InSightec Ltd. in Israel, where he works on MRI-guided guided focused ultrasound technology. Before this, he spent 17 years in research and management at the IBM Research Division and was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology. Medan has taught at the EE department at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in addition to serving as a lecturer for Avionic Systems at the Aeronautical Engineering faculty, and mentors young enterpreneurs as part of the Technion Alumni "Technion for Life" program. He plans a 2012 sabbatical as an associate professor at the BioMedical Engineering department of the Technion and its Autonomous Systems Program.

Medan is also the inventor of the QR-code enabled tombstone. Read Adam Ostrow's Q&A with Yoav Medan at TEDGlobal >>

What others say

“Yoav, now that was inspirational!” — Jay Walker, TEDMED

Yoav Medan’s TED talk