Violinist and singer Yilian Cañizares blends classic jazz with her Cuban heritage and otherworldly voice to concoct intoxicating compositions that remain true to her roots.

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Whether it's on a stage or in a recording studio, there are few artists like Yilian Cañizares. She was born in Havana, where she studied violin, and settled in Switzerland to complete her studies. While there, she began to sing after she discovered jazz, which she melded with her classical training and the Cuban music of her youth.

In 2013 and 2015, Cañizares released two albums -- Ochumare and its follow-up, Invocación -- which strengthened her reputation as an innovative artist who transcends musical boundaries. Her latest release, Aguas, produced in collaboration with Cuban legend Omar Sosa, has garnered worldwide acclaim. For TED, Cañizares will premiere her upcoming album Erzulie, named after the Haitian goddess of love and freedom.

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