Yejin Choi investigates if (and how) AI systems can learn commonsense knowledge and reasoning.

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MacArthur Fellow and natural language processing expert Yejin Choi is immersed in artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on understanding if these systems can (or should) learn a sense of commonsense reasoning. She is a computer science professor at the University of Washington, a distinguished research fellow at the Institute for Ethics in AI at the University of Oxford and a senior research director at the nonprofit Allen Institute for AI, where she oversees the commonsense-focused Mosaic project.

Choi is the co-recipient of two Test of Time Awards and five best paper awards from top academic conferences in AI. She won the inaugural Alexa Prize Challenge in 2017, was a co-recipient of the Borg Early Career Award in 2018 and was named to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' "10 to Watch" in AI list in 2016.

Yejin Choi’s TED talk

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