Xiaowei R. Wang

Artist, writer, organizer, coder
Xiaowei R. Wang is the lead steward of Logic School. They work on community-based and public art projects, data visualization, ecology and education.

Why you should listen

Xiaowei R. Wang is an artist, writer, organizer and coder whose work centers community driven tech and the importance of care in organizing for a more just future. Their collaborative project FLOAT Beijing created air quality-sensing kites to challenge censorship and was an Index Design Awards finalist. Other projects have been featured by The New York Times, BBC, CNN, VICE and elsewhere. Their most recent project, The Future of Memory, was a recipient of the Mozilla Creative Media Award. They are the author of the book Blockchain Chicken Farm: And Other Stories of Tech In China's Countryside and one of the lead facilitators of Logic School, an organizing community for tech workers.

Xiaowei R. Wang’s TED talk

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