Winona Guo is spending her gap year traveling to all US states with her friend Priya Vulchi, learning and listening to stories about race and trying to find innovative ways to tackle inequity.

Why you should listen

For a collective future of racial justice, we must educate and empower our young generation now. Yet, the first time 18-year-olds Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi were required to talk about race in school was the 10th grade.

That same year, Guo co-founded CHOOSE with Vulchi to equip us all with the tools we lack to both talk about race and act toward systemic change. Their latest publication, a racial literacy textbook and toolkit for educators called The Classroom Index, has been recognized by Princeton University's Prize in Race Relations & Not in Our Town's Unity Award, featured in Teen Vogue, the Philadelphia Inquirer, & the Huffington Post, and called a “social innovation more necessary than the iPhone” by Professor Ruha Benjamin. Currently on a gap year before attending Harvard University, Guo and Vulchi have been traveling to all US states collecting hundreds of powerful stories about race, culture, and intersectionality for another book to be released in spring 2019. Follow their journey at chooseorg.orgTwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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