Wingham Rowan's work bridges the gap between flexible work schedules and modern financial markets.

Why you should listen

As director of Britain's Beyond Jobs project, Wingham Rowan and his team develop the technology to enable official markets to run on irregular work hours. The project grew out of UK government funding for very flexible labor markets. He is also founder of the UltraFlexi social business.

Rowan is the former producer and presenter of the UK’s longest running television series about the Internet,, and the presenter of the children’s TV program Rowan’s Report. He is the author of two books and multiple policy papers about the social  potential of online markets.

Wingham Rowan’s TED talk

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January 28, 2013

[ted id=1656] Some employees can work 9am to 5pm, five days a week. Others are available on evenings and weekends. But in today’s talk, filmed at the TEDSalon in London, entrepreneur Wingham Rowan describes another type of worker — one who has a highly unpredictable schedule. “Think of someone who has a recurring but unpredictable […]

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