At Planet, Will Marshall leads overall strategy for commercializing new geospatial data and analytics that are disrupting agriculture, mapping, energy, the environment and other vertical markets.

Why you should listen

Will Marshall is the co-founder and CEO of Planet. Prior to Planet, he was a Scientist at NASA/USRA where he worked on missions "LADEE" and "LCROSS," served as co-principal investigator on PhoneSat, and was the technical lead on research projects in space debris remediation.

Marshall received his PhD in Physics from the University of Oxford and his Masters in Physics with Space Science and Technology from the University of Leicester. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at George Washington University and Harvard.

More news and ideas from Will Marshall

Live from TED2018

Announced at TED2018: Explore satellite images with Planet Stories

April 13, 2018

Back in 2014, Will Marshall took the TED stage to introduce us to his company, Planet, and their proposed fleet of tiny satellites. The goal: to image the planet every day, showing us how Earth changes in near-real time. In 2018, that vision has come good: Every day, a fleet of about 200 small satellites […]

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Live from TED2018

Short talks, big energy: Notes from TED Unplugged at TED2018

April 11, 2018

“This is a little different than the mainstage at TED, in a sense that this is a little more relaxed,” says our host, the poet and TED speaker Clint Smith. “These are speakers who have not been selected specifically for the mainstage, but they’re just as talented, just as brilliant, and just as important.” A […]

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Live from TED

Taking pictures of the entire planet, every day: Will Marshall at TED2014

March 20, 2014

“We’re on spaceship Earth,” begins Will Marshall during Session 9 of TED2014. “It’s fragile and finite — and we need to take care of it.” He shows a satellite image of Earth. Yes, it’s beautiful, says Marshall, but it’s outdated. The information is old, and he says, “We can’t fix what we can’t see.” Satellite […]

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