Vinay Venkatraman aims to design technological devices for the "bottom of the pyramid" rather than simply for the affluent.

Why you should listen

Designer Vinay Venkatraman is committed to creating a digitally inclusive world. A founding partner at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Vinay aims to design for the populations of the world who don't have access to the latest tech gadget. He calls his outlook "Frugal Digital."

Vinay’s background is in industrial design, and he began his career fashioning bicycles and kitchen appliances. He was soon enticed by filmmaking and worked as visual effects designer for a leading post production house, Prime Focus Ltd, on various advertisements and movies. He later shifted his focus to software products, working as a product designer at Microsoft for emerging technologies.

Vinay’s work has been written about in leading design magazines and popular blogs. He has also taught courses at Aarhus University, IUAV University in Venice and the IT University of Copenhagen.

What others say

“Vinay Venkatraman, an interaction designer, is one of a rapidly expanding group of scholars and professionals around the world working to define the way our stuff behaves.” — Julia Levitt,

Vinay Venkatraman’s TED talk