Vanessa Nakate is the founder of the Rise Up Movement, which seeks to amplify the voices of climate activists in Africa.

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The first "Fridays For Future" striker in Uganda, Vanessa Nakate founded Rise Up in 2018 as a way to give voice to African climate activists. Through the related Vash Green Schools Project, she's also aiming to install solar panels in Uganda's 24,000 schools. Previously, she spearheaded a campaign to stop deforestation in the Congo rainforest.
Nakate's book, A Bigger Picture, is a manifesto and memoir about how to build a more livable future. In it, she presents a new vision for an inclusive climate movement based on resilience and equity. Nakate was named a Young Leader of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations in 2020 and was featured on TIME magazine's list of the world’s most influential emerging leaders in 2021.

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