Tommy McCall specializes in presenting complex and rich data sets.

Why you should listen

McCall founded and operates, a boutique data visualization agency that specializes in presenting complex and rich data sets. As an infographics designer, editor and producer, McCall brings together three realms of experience to present, visualize and understand complex data. As a designer, he aims to find the natural shape of the data and sculpt it into something captivating and beautiful. As a data editor, he finds the stories and shares the insights hidden within what is often a vast sea of information. As a producer, he oversees programmers, designers, data analysts, animators and illustrators to realize his vision.

McCall believes that graphicacy, the ability to communicate data through charts, diagrams and maps, is an emerging essential skill set, just as literacy and numeracy have been for past generations. He is excited by the opportunities to pioneer new chart forms to communicate specialized data sets as the collection and generation of data exponentially increase.

McCall was the infographics editor for Money Magazine and a graphics editor for the New York Times before launching his studio. He has explored over one hundred countries spanning all seven continents. Recently, he has taken a sabbatical to combine his a passion for travel with filmmaking to produce video "mediations" in ultra-high-definition intended for large-scale projection.

Tommy McCall’s TED talk