Hip-hop musician Tom Thum whirls together beatboxing, performance and an array of mouthsounds.

Why you should listen

Coming out of the small Brisbane, Australia, hip-hop scene, Tom Thum has become a world presence with his unhuman beatboxing sound. In 2005, he and Joel Turner won the team battle in the World Beatbox Championships, and Thum came second at the Scribble Jam Beatbox Battles, America’s most prestigious hip-hop competition, in 2006. He's a cast member in the hip-hop/circus performance troupe Tom Tom Crew, appearing on Broadway and London's West End.

Thum is also committed to teaching hip-hop, and travels throughout Australia sharing the positive message that music preaches.

What others say

“Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers.” — The Guardian

Tom Thum’s TED talk

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