Tom Griffiths

Psychologist, cognitive scientist
Tom Griffiths uses ideas from computer science to understand how human minds work.

Why you should listen

Tom Griffiths's research explores connections between natural and artificial intelligence to discover how people solve the challenging computational problems they encounter in everyday life. Currently the Henry R. Luce Professor of Information Technology, Consciousness, and Culture at Princeton University, his work has received awards from organizations ranging from the American Psychological Association to the Sloan Foundation.

In 2016, Griffiths and his friend and collaborator Brian Christian published Algorithms to Live By, a book that illustrates how understanding the algorithms used by computers can inform human decision-making (and vice versa). The book was named one of the "Best Science Books of 2016" and appeared on Forbes's "Must-read brain books of 2016" list as well as the MIT Technology Review's "Best books of 2016" list.

Tom Griffiths’ TED talk