Todd Scott

First aid instructor
Todd Scott uses humor and pop culture to make CPR training more memorable.

Why you should listen

Todd Scott has been a CPR / first aid instructor for more than 23 years. In that time he has learned one thing: CPR classes are really boring. Not the subject matter; that's critically important. Especially to Scott, since his Dad died of a heart attack when he was a very young kid. And teaching other people how to use an automated external defibrillator AED is top of his list so they have the skills to one day save his life ... hopefully.

Other than being totally selfish and doing this to save his own, he is trying to make this subject engaging. Year after year the students get bored of being in CPR training, and they stop learning since they know the skills. Best practices in CPR do change over time, even of spans as short as five years, but people come into the classes knowing they know it all. Using humor and pop culture references that people can understand has helped to engage people. A universal love of toast and Star Wars can be used to help teach so many things.

Scott also has an extensive background as a naturalist, outdoor educator, underwater window washer (yes this is a thing), jewelry designer,  wilderness EMT, massage practitioner, professional duct tape artist (creating an NBA court-sized duct tape American flag), national spokesman, writer and photographer.

Todd Scott’s TED talk