Tim Dunn

Environmental sustainability expert
Tim Dunn is head of environmental sustainability and compliance at Best Buy, a leading provider of consumer technology products and services. Best Buy signed The Climate Pledge in 2020, joining hundreds of leading global companies with a commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040.

Why you should listen

Tim Dunn has been at the forefront of sustainability since joining Best Buy in 2009, where he focuses on helping the company and their customers meaningfully reduce their environmental impact.Throughout his career at Best Buy, Dunn has developed and implemented strategies that drive the business forward while protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and systematically improving the company’s environmental performance. His accomplishments include shaping environmental policies related to state and federal waste and recycling infrastructure, implementing national electronics recycling programs and developing global audit programs driving toward a safer and more environmentally responsible recycling supply chain.Dunn has been in the environmental field for more than fifteen years, with a background in environmental policy and business operations. He graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris and was recognized by the University of Minnesota's Humphry School of Public Affairs as a policy fellow in 2018.

Tim Dunn’s TED talk