The curator of HOLAAfrica, Tiffany Kagure Mugo is a wine bar philosopher who pontificates on all things and is willing to learn about everything else.

Why you should listen

Tiffany Kagure curates and creates knowledge on women and sexuality on the African continent, manages spreadsheets and creates conversations -- all the while trying to figure out how to adult. Founding and running HOLAAfrica helped to bring together her various skills as it demanded all of them, all the time.

A passion for making sure people had the orgasms and conversations that elude them whilst being given the comprehensive healthy knowledge of sexuality that eluded her meant that HOLAAfrica forced her to grow as a blogger, project creator and guru of excel spreadsheets. The need to have conversations about sex and sexuality, seeing what the novel ways this could be done whilst exploring what boundaries could be pushed meant that her life at the helm of HOLAAfrica and her personal consultancy work grew, and life got wild. Sometimes the best life choices come from trying to figure out how to get through your own existence.

Tiffany Kagure Mugo’s TED talk