Thomas Piketty is an economist and professor at the Paris School of Economics. His 2014 book, "Capital in the Twenty-first Century," caused a sensation upon publication.

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Is the global economy accelerating toward a future that’s incompatible with democracy? In this provocative talk about inequality and wealth, economist Thomas Piketty provides new context for his groundbreaking book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Thomas Piketty’s TED talk

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7 fascinating things I learned at the TEDSalon Berlin

June 24, 2014

Yesterday, nearly every seat of the theatre at the Admiralspalast was filled for the TEDBerlin Salon, the first official TED event in Germany (and, with TEDGlobal’s move to Rio in October, the only one taking place in Europe this year). In two sessions hosted by Bruno Giussani, 15 speakers and performers covered an eclectic array of topics, whizzing from tech-driven social […]

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