Thomas Goetz is the co-founder of Iodine and author of "The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine.”

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Thomas Goetz is the co-founder of Iodine, a new company that gives consumers better information -- and better visualizations -- of their health data. The former executive editor of Wired, Goetz has a Master's of Public Health from UC Berkeley. In 2010 he published The Decision Tree, a fascinating look at modern medical decisionmaking and technology. Former FDA commissioner Dr. David Kessler called the book "a game changer.” His next book, The Remedy, explores the germ theory of disease and the quest to cure tuberculosis.

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“Public health is an incredibly broad field, covering everything from global health to community health to Medicare to pharmaceuticals. Generally, I use it as a tool to frame the contexts of health and medicine: how can we deliver healthcare to our citizens to create the maximum amount of health and happiness?” — Thomas Goetz on

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