Tavi Gevinson is a fashion blogger and a feminist who encourages everyone to embrace their complexity and look cool doing it.

Why you should listen

Born in April 1996, Tavi Gevinson started blogging at age eleven – then rapidly became a bona fide fashion icon. In 2009 she was featured on the cover of Pop magazine and was invited as a special guest to New York Fashion week. Her site for teenage girls, Rookie, broke the one-million page views within five days of launching in September 2011. She’s currently the editor-in-chief and founder of RookieMag.com and writes thestylerookie.com and has written for several publications including Harper's Bazaar, Jezebel, Lula, Pop, and GARAGE magazine.

What others say

“By unpicking the awkwardness of female adolescence and providing a place to talk about it, [Rookie has] helped feminism become almost fashionable.” — Eva Wiseman, The Observer

Tavi Gevinson’s TED talk

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