As cofounder and managing partner of Dao Foods International, Tao Zhang leads the impact investment and advocacy firm focused on developing climate-friendly alternative proteins in China and for China.

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Tao Zhang is the cofounder of Dao Foods International, Inc., an impact investment and advocacy organization established to invest in and support alternative protein ventures in and for China. He is also the founder and managing director of Dao Ventures, a cross-border impact investment, advisory and accelerator group of which Dao Foods International is a part. In all these endeavors, his work focuses on contributing to global efforts to address the climate crisis.

Prior to Dao Ventures, Zhang served as the COO of New Ventures, an environmentally focused global investment and accelerator group formerly housed at the World Resources Institute. He worked at several technology start-ups and multinational companies in the US and China after starting out as a journalist at Xinhua News Agency. He holds degrees from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Wake Forest University and Harvard University.

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