Tanya Berger-Wolf

Computational ecologist
Tanya Berger-Wolf is among the founders of the field of computational ecology, leading research at the unique intersection of computer science, wildlife biology and social sciences.

Why you should listen

Tanya Berger-Wolf creates computational solutions to generate, collect, analyze and derive insight from data to answer questions and make decisions in ecology, environment and wildlife conservation. She is passionate about creating a human-AI partnership to address our planet’s greatest conservation challenges.

As a part of her work, she gets to hang out of an ultra-light airplane in Kenya, taking a hyper-stereo video of zebra populations and learning how to identify each one of them by the unique stripe pattern. She teaches a computer how to identify animals by their body patterns to provide accurate data for biodiversity monitoring. She is a professor at Ohio State University, a nonprofit director at Wild Me and a co-founder of a several big projects and fields of study (most recently, imageomics).

Tanya Berger-Wolf’s TED talk