Tamas Kocsis is a self-taught web developer who was always obsessed by new technologies.

Why you should listen

Tamas Kocsis was never motivated by building a career or getting a high-paid job -- instead, he was more interested in exploring new things, doing something meaningful and solving important problems.

In 2013 Kocsis got excited about the decentralization movement started by Bitcoin cryptocurrency. A year later he started to develop a peer-to-peer, people-powered version of the web called ZeroNet to be a useful member of this community.

Kocsis became interested in programming and web design at the age of 13, then got his first paid assignment as a web developer at age 16. Besides programming, he enjoys any kind of activity that has a definite end result; he's designed and built his own tables, lamps and various objects using concrete, recycled wood, felt and paper.

Tamas Kocsis’ TED talk

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