Tabetha Boyajian

Tabetha Boyajian is best known for her research on KIC 8462852, a puzzling celestial body that has inspired otherwise sober scientists to brainstorm outlandish hypotheses.

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Planet hunter Tabetha Boyajian studies KIC 8462852 (dubbed "Tabby's star" after her team's research): a star exhibiting bizarre (and thus far unique) variations in brightness. These fluctuations have led scientists to postulate causes ranging from comet dust (Boyajian's most likely scenario) to alien megastructures. The latest studies of Tabby's star have proved even more baffling: KIC 8462852 has been gradually dimming over the last century, a strikingly short period of time on an astronomical scale.

Boyajian currently serves as a postdoc with the Yale Exoplanet group, whose research is assisted by the Planet Hunters -- a citizen science group that combs data from the NASA Kepler Space Mission for evidence of exoplanets and other unusual interstellar activity.

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