Sylvain Duranton

Management consultant
BCG's Sylvain Duranton thinks that only human input can save us from a high-tech bureaucracy.

Why you should listen

Sylvain Duranton is the global leader of BCG GAMMA, a unit dedicated to applying data science and advanced analytics to business. He manages a team of more than 800 data scientists and has implemented more than 50 custom AI and analytics solutions for companies across the globe.

Duranton majored in mathematics and sociology at the French engineering schools Polytechnique and Mines Paris, and holds an MBA degree from INSEAD. He is the founder and president of a chess club, Palamède Echecs, and an executive board member for Aurore, one of France's largest NGOs, which aims to alleviate poverty and improve access to housing.

Sylvain Duranton’s TED talk