From augmented comics to virtual concerts, Sutu is an architect of a digital, connected future.

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Sutu is an award-winning augmented reality designer, avant-garde movie producer and multimedia artist. Having worked on commercial projects with the likes of Stephen Speilberg, John Legend, Google, Marvel and Disney, his secret mission is to deliver messages of hope through innovative digital experiences. His latest project, "Sutuverse," is a deep dive into the metaverse and his way of investigating how technology might unleash productivity, creativity, community spirit and social understanding -- all while nurturing and supporting artists.Many of Sutu's projects shine light on social issues, such as the webcomic "These Memories Won't Last," which portrays his grandfather's struggle with dementia. He served as art director for "Breonna's Garden," an augmented reality experience designed to foster healing and reconciliation in the memory of Breonna Taylor.

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Imagination: Notes from Session 10 of TED2022

April 14, 2022

The wondrous, expansive, absurd creativity of humanity was on full display at Session 10 of TED2022, which featured seven brilliant speakers, one deeply beautiful and imaginative performance and a much-needed comedic interlude. The event: Talks from Session 10 of TED2022, hosted by TED’s Helen Walters When and where: Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at the Vancouver […]

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