Sophie Howe safeguards the interests and well-being of the future generations of Wales.

Why you should listen

As a mother to five, Sophie Howe is driven by a passion for leaving the world better than she found it. Known for being a straight-talker and authentic leader, she was previously the youngest Councillor in Wales, elected at the age of 21. She was also previously Deputy Police Commissioner for Wales's largest police force and advisor to two of Wales's First Ministers.

Never afraid to challenge the status quo, Howe has been described by Big Issue Magazine as one of the UK's leading changemakers. Her vision for the future is one with well-being at the center of public policy and services. Since taking up her post as Future Generations Commissioner for Wales in 2016, she has led high profile interventions around transport planning, education reform and climate change, challenging the government and others to not just talk the talk on sustainability and future proofing but to walk the walk, too. She has represented Wales at the UN and the OECD, and she is currently the chair of the Network of Institutions for Future Generations. She wants to share the lessons learned in Wales with other nations looking to legislate in the interests of future generations.

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