Solomon Goldstein-Rose authored the book "The 100% Solution" on what must physically be achieved to reverse global warming. He served in the Massachusetts legislature.

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Solomon Goldstein-Rose has been a climate activist since age 11 and is the author of The 100% Solution: A Plan for Solving Climate Change, a 2020 book that lays out what must physically be achieved to reverse global warming. His analysis ties together technical knowledge in terms accessible to all, and provides a cautiously hopeful vision for a comprehensive solution that still hasn't been articulated by nearly anyone else.

Solomon studied both engineering and public policy during college, and interned in the Obama White House and in Congress. He was elected to the Massachusetts legislature at age 22 on a platform focused on climate change, education and election reform. During his term, he passed several energy and education policies and created local initiatives for civic education and engagement. In 2018, he canceled his campaign for re-election so he could work full-time on climate change at the national and global levels, and The 100% Solution was the product of wrapping his own mind around the global picture. He lives in Western Massachusetts and makes time for hiking, farming and directing children's theater.

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