Sofia Crespo is an artist who explores biology-inspired technologies.

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Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Sofia Crespo is the cofounder of Entangled Others Studio. She works to understand the ways that organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate itself and evolve. Fascinated by the connections -- and disconnects -- between humans and technology, Crespo is particularly interested in understanding the similarities between how artificial intelligence forms images and how humans express themselves creatively. Her art combines neural network technologies with images of the natural world to make what she calls "speculative nature" -- something wholly new, illusory and beautiful.

Sofia Crespo’s TED talk

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April 11, 2022

The quest to better understand human intelligence — and to build more advanced artificial intelligence — is complex, knotty and exhilarating. In a wonderfully eclectic session, seven speakers explored the concept of intelligence as it applies to everything from a brain-computer interface to dragonflies, AI-powered art and meditation. The event: Talks from TED2022, Session 3: […]

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