Siegfried Woldhek knows faces — he's drawn more than 1,100 of them. Using sophisticated image analysis and his own skills as an artist, he's come up with a fascinating discovery about Leonardo Da Vinci.

Why you should listen

The work of illustrator Siegfried Woldhek is a familiar sight in the European press. His witty pen and sharp eye for faces helps him capture political and literary figures in his home country, the Netherlands, and around the world (he estimates he's drawn 1,100 faces). He's also an accomplished illustrator of nature, and was the longtime CEO of the Dutch branch of the World Wildlife Fund.

Woldhek is the founder of, "the global neighbor network." On, villages in developing communities can connect with volunteers and resources online throughout the world -- sort of a that pairs communities with the people who'd like to get involved.

Siegfried Woldhek’s TED talk

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Another look at the face of Leonardo da Vinci

November 2, 2008

Earlier this year at TED2008 in Monterey, California, the artist Siegfried Woldhek unveiled what he believes is the true face of Leonardo da Vinci — through an elegant piece of artistic detective work. Now Woldhek has produced this drawing at left, imagining Leonardo as a young, a middle-aged and an old man, in three-quarter view […]

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