Shannon Lee

Actor, producer, writer
Shannon Lee’s mission is to provide access for people to Bruce Lee’s philosophy through education and entertainment.

Why you should listen

Shannon Lee is the CEO of Bruce Lee Family Companies and executive producer of Cinemax's Warrior, which is based on her father's writings. Lee is a singer, actor, producer, speaker, writer and mother. Her first book -- on her father's philosophy and how to use it in daily life -- will be published in 2020.

Lee also chairs the Bruce Lee Foundation, a 501c3 charity that serves young people by introducing them to martial arts, philosophy, self-discovery and harmonious living. The foundation awards scholarships for programs like Camp Bruce Lee -- a summer camp that teaches Bruce Lee's philosophy to kids ages 5-11 by engaging their mind, body and spirit. Through these different channels, Lee hopes that Bruce Lee's energy and ideas will uplift the planet and create harmony among our human family.

Shannon Lee’s TED talk

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