Severine Autesserre

Peace and conflict researcher
Severine Autesserre traces civil war and endemic violence to its roots, and its resolution, in local and interpersonal conflicts.

Why you should listen

For Barnard College, Columbia University political science professor Severine Autesserre, solutions to large-scale instability and widespread violence aren’t devised in the academy or mapped out internationally. They’re negotiated, village by village, with the people affected.
Calling for a far greater attention to a bottom-up approach to peacebuilding, along with more top-down ways, the author of The Trouble with Congo (and the recent Peaceland) shows that resolving local disputes over land, resources and political power is key to securing the long-term stability of countries.

What others say

“Autesserre offers a powerful analysis that contributes to an understanding of the significance of culture in peacekeeping operations, from both an institutional and a grassroots perspective.” — Steven Schouten, International Affairs, 2011

Severine Autesserre’s TED talk

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