Sebastián Bortnik

Information security specialist
Sebastián Bortnik's work is focused on preventing cyber attacks.

Why you should listen

Sebastián Bortnik is an information security specialist with more than ten years of work experience in the field. He has been working on research and education on cyber attacks since the beginning of his career. He's currently head of research for Onapsis, a company dedicated to protecting ERP and business-critical applications in big companies. Previously, he led a research and technology team for an antivirus company in Latin America focused on malware analysis and cyber attacks research.

Bortnik is one of the founding members of a non-profit organization in Argentina, Argentina Cibersegura, which is focused on raising awareness within the community on how to prevent cyber attacks. As its leader, he has helped create a network with more than 200 volunteers around the country that teach how to use technologies in a safer way to thousands of kids every year.

Bortnik has written several articles and delivered many talks at different conferences around the world. He is passionate about education and believes that everybody needs to understand the impact technology has on our lives and safety.

(Photo: Monstruo Estudio)

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