Scott Williams

Patient advocate
Scott Williams thinks the modern health systems would cease to function without the crucial role played by caregivers.

Why you should listen

Scott Williams is currently Vice President, Head of Global Patient Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships at Merck. He has long been active in health advocacy, working in the past, among others, for the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network and for the Men's Health Network. He studied Political Science at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and obtained a Masters in Public Administration from American University in Washington, DC. During a particularly difficult time in his life, Williams had significant health issues, and his eyes were opened to the importance of the role of caregivers in our health systems -- and how that role is often not recognized. With support from Merck leadership, he has been working on the development of "Embracing Carers," a global movement that recognizes the pivotal role of caregivers in the healthcare ecosystem.

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