TED Fellow Sathya Raghu Mokkapati's agricultural startup builds low-cost greenhouse systems helping Indian smallholder farmers confront the impacts of climate change.

Why you should listen

As cofounder and president of Kheyti and Cosmos Green, Sathya Raghu Mokkapati works to help poor smallholder farmers secure reliable and dependable incomes in the face of climate change. He is also cofounder of Indigolearn, an ed-tech company changing the way students learn finance and accounting.

Raghu Mokkapati studied chartered accountancy and is currently studying public policy in a post-graduate program at Takshashila Institution. He has contributed to outlets including HuffPost, Stanford Social Innovation Review, HinduBusinessLine, SciDevnet and Yourstory on issues related to farmers, climate change and economy. He has been a fellow with Acumen India, Aspen NewVoices and Mulago.

Sathya Raghu Mokkapati’s TED talk

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