Sarah Gray

Researchers' dream donator
Sarah Gray found meaning in tragic loss­­ by donating the organs of her newborn son to advance scientific research.

Why you should listen

While struggling to cope with the loss of their infant son Thomas, Sarah Gray and her family met the researchers who received his eye, liver and cord blood donations. This journey garnered national and international media attention and brought profound peace to the Gray family.

Gray is the director of marketing and public affairs for the American Association of Tissue Banks and a member of the AATB Donor Family Guidance Document Committee. She is author of a forthcoming memoir from HarperOne, A Life Everlasting: The Extraordinary Story of One Boy's Gift to Medical Science.

Gray holds a BA in Communications from Marquette University and a Masters in Public Communication from American University, where her capstone topic was non­directed kidney donation. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband Ross and children, Callum and Jocelyn.

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