Sara-Jane Dunn is a scientist working at the interface between biology and computation, using mathematics and computational analysis to make sense of how living systems process information.

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Sara-Jane Dunn started her career as a mathematician, finding a niche in "mathematical biology" -- a field where mathematical models and simulations provide insights into the behavior and development of living systems. For Dunn, this research opened up new ways to explore old problems, from understanding how diseases spread to how cancer evolves. To this end, she created computational models of the gut that could be used to test hypotheses about the earliest stages of colorectal cancer.
At Microsoft Research, Dunn collaborates with experimenters in embryonic stem cell biology and seeks to uncover the biological program that governs how these unique cells are able to generate all of the different cell types of your adult body. This work could, in time, "unlock" biology and make cells programmable, which could fundamentally transform medicine, agriculture and even how we power the planet.

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