Sanjay Pradhan is vice president of the World Bank Institute, helping leaders in developing countries learn skills for reform, development and good governance.

Why you should listen

The World Bank Institute is the part of the World Bank that focuses on "capacity" -- the piece of polite jargon that masks a big question: How do countries learn? And in a state with a history of corruption, failure and debt, how can leaders -- both public and private-sector -- gain the ability to grow, build, govern? The WBI teaches those skills, focusing on the key force behind real change: building teams and coalitions.

Sanjay Pradhan joined the WBI in 2008, and has worked since then to refine its strategy into three interconnected plans: Open Knowledge, Collaborative Governance, and Innovative Solutions. He is an advocate of transparency and openness as development tools.

What others say

“For more than 50 years, WBI has influenced half a million public and private sector decision makers around the world, many of whom have become leaders and change agents in their countries.” — WBI Website

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