Sam Rodriques invents new technologies to help neuroscientists understand how the brain works.

Why you should listen

Sam Rodriques has designed a new nanofabrication method and a new approach to sensing neural activity with probes in the bloodstream, and his forthcoming technologies are aimed at understanding the spatial organization of cells in the brain and the transcriptional activity of neurons over time. He is a graduate student in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with affiliations at the MIT Media Lab, the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. He graduated summa cum laude with highest honors in Physics from Haverford College, where he worked on new methods for calculating quantum entanglement in multipartite quantum systems. He has received numerous national awards and fellowships to support his research, including the Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship, an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Churchill Scholarship.

Sam Rodriques’ TED talk