Sakinah Hofler

Writer, poet and playwright
Sakinah Hofler writes the world as she sees it and as she imagines it could be.

Why you should listen

A former chemical engineer for the United States Department of Defense, Sakinah Hofler is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Cincinnati studying English and Comparative Literature where she teaches courses on composition and creative writing with an emphasis on social change. She’s an advocate on infusing the arts into our daily lives.

Hofler is the winner of the Manchester Fiction Prize, the Hurston/Wright Award for College Writers, the Sherwood Anderson Award for Fiction, and the Yemassee Poetry Prize. She has received funding from the Edward H. and Mary C. Kingsbury Fellowship, Albert C. Yates Fellowship, the Taft Research Center and the P.E.O. Scholar Award. Her writing has appeared in Kenyon Review, Mid-American Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Philadelphia Stories and elsewhere.
She was born and bred in Newark, New Jersey.

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