Sahaj Kaur Kohli

Mental health and wellness advocate
Sahaj Kaur Kohli is the founder of Brown Girl Therapy, the first and largest mental health and wellness community organization of its kind for children of immigrants living in the West.

Why you should listen

Sahaj Kaur Kohli creates and curates resources that promote bicultural identity exploration, and she aims to democratize and remove the stigmas around therapy and mental wellness in immigrant communities. Her work has been featured in TODAY, Bustle, Glamour, SELF and HuffPost.

Kohli is a second-year master's student at George Washington University, where she studies clinical mental health counseling and works as a counseling intern. As a former journalist, her passion lies at the intersection of narrative storytelling and mental health advocacy. In her work as a professional writer and speaker, she has created original workshops and presentations on different topics ranging from diversity and inclusion in workplaces to culturally-responsive practices for mental health professionals. She has presented and spoken at various companies and institutions such as The College of William and Mary, Amazon, Google and Los Angeles County Psychological Association.

Kohli is most interested in the mechanics of community building and how we can collectively develop intersectional and inclusive care, workplaces and relationships.

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