Ryah Whalen

Aviation decarbonization expert
BCG’s Ryah Whalen is optimistic that the aviation sector can decarbonize — but only if the ecosystem works together in unprecedented ways.

Why you should listen

Aviation is one of the hardest sectors to abate, yet Ryah Whalen believes there is a path for the sector to reduce its carbon emissions. With extraordinary collaboration and investment, Whalen works to show how the sector can drive the adoption of the technologies that are available today and ensure that the next generation of technologies are available when they are needed.

Whalen has co-authored multiple BCG publications on decarbonizing aviation and played a leading role in forming the Aviation Climate Taskforce, a coalition of global airlines focused on accelerating breakthroughs in the next generation of decarbonization technologies. She is the director of BCG’s global innovation initiative, where she launches and incubates new ventures. A strategist and innovator at heart, she is deeply passionate about sustainability and believes the private sector must play a leading role in fighting climate change.

Ryah Whalen’s TED talk

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